Technical Writing

Technical writing is a useful form of writing and communication, which aims to provide technical details, business documentation or educational information. It is the best way to assist the individual to understand the processes, systems and procedures. Technical writing intends to give a concise and clear message in order to help the readers in better and accurate understanding.

Most people are not aware or do not notice that technical text is all around us. For instance, when the person is reading educational textbooks or trying to operate any computer, cell phone or appliances they will refer to an owner's manual and by that means, they are already being exposed to technical writing. In doing trouble shooting or just reading the frequently asked questions, that is also technical.

In fact, technical writing is the "how to" of life. For example, the companies who manufacture products should cautiously consider that technical information serves as a bridge between the users and the products. Complete facts about the products such as instructions on how to use it and detailed warnings will surely help the customer to enjoy the benefits and advantages of what they have purchased. It also protects the company and everyone involved in the creation of the product from any form of liability.

Most businesses must communicate technically to their employees, whether through handbooks, training manuals, or employee guidelines, and even in daily emails and regular seminars. Moreover, technical writing is beneficial for teachers and students in terms of accurate documentation of projects, reports, questionnaires, diagrams, research and many other types of professional writing. Furthermore, many engineers are also using technical composition in most aspects of their works. In designing audio or electronic equipment which utilizes different types of parts, being able to read descriptions of the design, a lot of data sheets and to understand the instructions precisely is very essential.

A good technical writer must be clear and direct to the point. Any room for imagination is not accepted since it involves translating technical and scientific details in simple structure, logical order, factual information and more easily understandable language. Hiring the best technical writing services can provide businesses with a competitive advantage. For example, your business competition increases with increased popularity of internet. Technical freelance services can ensure that your consumers understand your product information, including instructions, procedures, and warnings. This will save time on customer service calls and decrease your risk of lawsuits.

Technical Writing - Finding Freelance Opportunities For Technical Writers

Sitting at home without any work can really be monotonous at times, especially when you have enormous technical writing opportunities available on internet. There are many types of writing jobs available online, and depending on your field of interest or expertise, you are really spoilt for choice.

Freelance writing work can be exceptionally stimulating and rewarding. A technical writer that is recognized for his or her applied knowledge can easily earn up to $5000 per month on a part-time basis. This amount can become even more if the writer opts to go full-time.

But not everyone has all the freelance technical writing skills which are required to deliver consistent high quality work all the time. As a minimum requirement, three or more of the attributes as mentioned below, are essential:

* Technical computer skills and expert use of word processing packages

* Knowledge about writing work including style and grammar

* Time management skills and the ability to concentrate

* Mastery in proof reading, editing and recognizing minor flaws

* Knowledge about useful day-to-day products and their markets.

In order to tart grabbing technical writing opportunities, you must take a careful look at yourself and establish whether the above mentioned qualities and attributes are residing in you. If some of them are lacking, it indicates a short-coming in your skills set, and you need to polish up in that particular direction, by attending a skills enhancement course.

You must not be reluctant in communicating with people online to get work. As a freelancer it will be beneficial for you to have a portfolio to present when seeking writing opportunities. There are many industries from where you can start your freelance technical writing career. These include;

* Daily transportation services

* Online Manufacturing markets

* Technical world of computers

* Telecommunications

* Various fields of engineering

* Construction industry

* Science and technology

* Governmental and related fields

To develop your freelance writing career you can very well select one of the above industries to make a quick start. For newbie's in the technical writing field there a various available options. If you are a newcomer, then you can start by posting your portfolio on blogs and freelance writing websites. Well-known, authentic websites offering technical writing opportunities to aspiring writers includes Bright Hub and Wise Geek. It is also possible to gain experience by writing for online forums, and thus build up your reputation.

When you going for a freelance technical writing career then you must keep in mind your rights as well as client's requirements, and only take on assignments that you are comfortable with.

Technical Writing Career Training Opportunities

Students can enroll in a number of accredited vocational training programs in order to gain an education in technical writing. Professionals in this field are trained to translate technical and scientific languages into a simple language that people can understand. Students can work for a variety of companies once they have obtained an accredited degree in the field. Students have the opportunity to train for an exciting career in technical writing by enrolling in a bachelor's degree program.

Training can include obtaining a certificate or bachelors degree in technical writing. Students can choose to complete anywhere from six months to four years of educational training. With an accredited education in technical writing students can learn a number of skills needed to enter into the workforce.

  • Learn to write assembly instructions for various products.
  • Train in writing user manuals for electronics and more.
  • Gain knowledge in writing internet content for various websites.
  • Learn to write training manuals for employers and companies.
  • Train for careers producing reports for various companies.
  • Learn to write policies and procedures to be used by organizations.

With an education in this field students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to seek employment in a variety of areas. Accredited vocational schools allow students to train for the career they desire.

Coursework will vary by program, desired career area, and vocational school of attendance. Students can study a variety of subjects that relate to technical writing including subjects of study such as:

  • Print Production
  • Web Site Design
  • Content Management
  • Computer Programming
  • Scientific Writing
  • Technical Communication
...and many other related courses. Depending on the level of education and career desired studies can also include:
  • Web Site Publishing
  • Math
  • Technical Editing
  • Scientific Communication
  • Visual Media
  • User Interface Lay-Out
...and much more. Students who choose to train in this field will gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter into their desired career in technical writing.

Career training will allow students to pursue a variety of positions with a number of companies. Accredited training can provide students with the opportunity to enter into careers working with:

  • Newspapers
  • Broadcasters
  • Book Publishers
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Television

...and much more. Students who earn a certificate or degree in this field can seek out employment in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Electronics
  • Computer

...and many other areas. Accredited vocational schools prepare students for entrance into the career of their dreams in technical writing.

By enrolling in an accredited technical training program students can gain the training needed to pursue the career of their dreams. Accrediting agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( are approved to fully accredit qualifying vocational training programs. Students can learn more about the education of their choice by requesting more information about available programs. Start the path to an exciting career by enrolling in a technical writing program today.

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Technical Writing Services - Tips on How to Find One Online

Manuals and guides are important things that you can find in a gadget or a device's packaging and if you are trying to set up your own business, you will find the need to get technical writing services not just for electronic devices and gadgets but for so many uses.

If you have an online business, you would need technical writing services to draft your online store policies or online instructions on how to use certain devices or how to check operate them, thus it is indeed helpful to be able to seek the help and expertise of technical writers.

What is good in finding technical writing services is that, you can actually hire a technical writer and let him work virtually for you. Indeed, the internet makes a lot of things easy and convenient, and this is indeed one of those.

If you are looking for technical writers, you can also find them online. You can actually find jobsites online that allow the meeting of employers and freelancers, agree on a price and close the deal. You can also find technical writers who promote their resumes online in jobsites. They usually provide details as to their experiences in the field as well as their educational attainment.

You may also find feedback or ratings that are indicators of their performances as writers, which facilitates the choosing.

Another way of finding technical writers online is to find technical writing companies who offer their skills and expertise for you. Of course, you can always ask for their portfolio if you want to make sure that they really have a good quality work and output.

In finding a good technical writer, it is also important to consider several things. You have to check out the clarity of the writing. Keep in mind that it is not creative writing, thus a flowery writing may not be the best work that you are looking for.

Aside from the writing, technical knowledge on the product can be a big plus as well. Of course, a knowledge on the product allows you to write effectively as to the instructions on how to use it. Although the technical knowledge part can be learned, it can save you a lot of money and time to have someone who is experienced than starting another training session.

Of course, outputs and results of technical writers may differ, but it is important that you hire technical writers to save time, effort and cost and not just hire someone to train for several months later.

Keep these tips in mind in finding technical writing services later and you will find it easier and convenient to finish this part of the business.

Technical Writing Companies - Outsourcing Some of Your Tasks For Cheaper Cost

One of the tasks that many businesses need is technical writing. This is the task that involves writing manuals or guides and writing down instructions that come along with many gadgets and equipment.

If you have a business that requires this particular skill, you can actually outsource this to get cheaper cost. There are a lot of technical writers online, most of them are part-timers and some others are freelancers who accept technical writing jobs as a means to make money online. Aside form individual freelancers, you can also find technical writing companies who offer their skill in technical writing.

Indeed, you do not have to bother yourself with the writing thing. This task will only eat up much of your time and may grab away your precious time instead of focusing on the much bigger details of your business.

Even if you are maintaining an online business, you would still need someone to draft your policies and procedures, rules, online documentations, and even online user guides. Indeed, it is important that you hire someone who is already knowledgeable and skilled in the said field and you can forget about worrying over it.

In choosing your technical writing companies or individuals to work for you in your business, it is important to consider a few factors that will help you get the best services at a reasonable cost.

- Assess the writing skills. Keep in mind that technical writing should be clear and concise, as you are writing not to impress but to instruct the consumers what to do once an item has been placed in their hands.

- Assess the technical knowledge. Of course, if you want to hire technical writing companies, make sure that they know your industry. One can write a good instruction or manual if he is familiar with the product or the item. Of course, this depends largely on the nature of your business too.

- Check out the tools used by technical writing companies. Indeed, you can also try to check whether the tools that they have can provide you with the output that you desire. Technical writing may not need very close supervision but you can actually screen your technical writers nicely and check if they can produce that clean output that you are looking for.

- Assess the clarity of the written output. This is one of the many important considerations in trying to get a technical writer. Keep in mind that they are supposed to be tasked to make everything easy for the customers and if they themselves cannot express with clarity, all your efforts may be put to waste.

It is also important that if you are looking for ways to outsource your technical writing needs, you have to set out the specific needs of your business and that you have to be specific as to the set of rules that you want followed.

Technical Writing Career Preparation Online

The amount of difficult subject matter that needs to be understood by the everyday consumer requires specific writing abilities. Students can learn how to convey complicated content in a user-friendly way through training. Accredited programs at multiple levels can be completed online that prepare students to become professional technical writers.

Education teaches students to simplify documents so the public can understand them. Training prepares students to write for Internet sites, engineering companies, medical offices, software businesses, government agencies, and more. The world of technical writing can be pursued at the associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree level. The higher education level students complete the more advanced career opportunities will be available to them. Some online colleges may provide students with certificate programs as well.

Students learn to design, edit, write, and interpret information inside an associate's degree program. Coursework prepares students to work with technical and non-technical employees in order to successfully translate information into a readable non-jargon based format. The use of proper business grammar and research ability allows students to understand how to write press releases, websites, and protocol materials. Further education gives students a wider knowledge base that can be used to write about a higher level of complicated material.

Bachelor's degree programs give students a strong base in strategy and design principles. Education focuses on scientific and computer-based communications to train students for careers. Information design, production, and software are some fundamental areas that are studied. The mechanics of writing is explored to give students the ability to write proposals, grants, and more. Subjects such as documentation, professional editing, and rhetorical theory give students strong technical writing skills. Developing information, managing a system, and designing a website for professional use are other skills obtained at the bachelor's degree level.

Students that want to become upper-level technical writers should consider completing a master's degree program. Producing documents and understanding international communication are heavily focused on at this level of education. Subjects explore advanced skills that give students the knowledge to enter a large number of careers. Digital and traditional media is explored while learning visual design and style. Students produce a lot of work throughout education that helps them develop their portfolio.

When training for an accredited associate, bachelor, or master level degree some online courses students can expect to complete may include:

*Principles of Usability

The concepts and terminology of user-concentrated design is studied to establish the needed base for writing. The environment, task, and end result of a document is highly focused on.

*Technical Tools

Programming languages, network procedures, and database systems are explored in a course like this. Students learn desktop publishing and how to use interface tools for different writing tasks.

*Writing and Editing

Print and online materials are studied so students understand how to correctly write, edit, and document information. The concepts of writing styles, editing standards, style formats, and writing mechanics give students the needed skills to become professionals.

Students that complete accredited technical writing training can become independent consultants, editors, proposal writers, marketing writers, and more. Agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) can fully accredit quality educational programs and schools that offer the best possible education. Begin schooling today and step into a career in the technical writing industry.

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A Career in Technical Writing - What Does It Take?

If you think about it, we benefit from quality technical writing at every turn. Almost every single product we ever buy, even software, comes with an instruction manual, a sheet with introductory notes at least. Any time you have had to wrestle with a question of how to get something done on a computer program, whenever a catchy How To comes up in a favorite magazine, any time anything like this happens, you benefit from the skills of a qualified technical writer hard at work behind the scenes. Did you ever read a confusing of set-by-step instructions to operate something and think to yourself, "Of course I could have done a better job at this if anyone had asked me"? What exactly do you need going in to ask for employment in technical writing?

Technical writing isn't limited to the design of step-by-step instructions on how to operate something. Some of the best technical writers are engaged to formulate a great course plan for the teaching of technical courses in the classroom. People who develop courseware like this are called instructional designers. Other specialties in the technical writing field include the position of online help expert - a person who develops Help files for software, and hardware technical writer - a designer of complex instruction books for the way high-end industrial machines are operated. The skills needed for successful technical writing grow more complex in step with the complexity of the products they are intended for.

While there are many kinds of the specialties technical writers deal in, there are a few basic common qualifications any technical writing practitioner needs to possess. The first is a great grasp of the language. A technical writer isn't writing poetry; but he sure needs to have the creativity, the insight, to stand in the shoes of a nonexpert. One needs to be able to be able to grasp the language with rock solid sentence structure to be able to get an idea go through. A technical writer also needs left brain thinking to be able to deal with logic in such a way that they were able to show the reader exactly why and how a procedure needs to be performed the way its recommended. And of course, a technical writer needs to be the kind of person who would not mind working a desk job.

As with any kind of writing or other commercially creative jobs, a technical writer needs to be able to take criticism, to be able to follow instructions and to be communicate the ideas he has to a client. With a technical mind, and the creative ability to communicate one's understanding to those with non-technical minds, a career in technical writing is a virtual lock to anyone.

Technical Writing - Degree Training Programs Online

Product, service, and science-based documents are often re-written to make information understandable to consumers. Students that have a passion for words should consider completing a degree program in technical writing. Accredited online colleges and universities offer educational training programs in this field.

In essence, students learn how to accurately document specific writing into an understandable text that everyday consumers can follow. For example, a technical writer would take a medical manual and write a non-jargon based document for readers. Intricate topics are translated after students learn how to correctly and efficiently write in a technical way. Learning can take place inside training programs that traditionally include:

  • Associates Degree Programs
  • Bachelors Degree Programs
  • Masters Degree Programs

A large number of professionals hold a technical writing degree at the associate's level. This introductory level of education teaches students the writing, editing, and layout used inside the profession. The goal of schooling is to prepare students to fully understand how to speak to technical and non-technical individuals. This ability allows students to translate documents and focus them towards the appropriate audience. Learned writing styles include instruction manuals, pamphlets, and press releases. Online degree programs cover word processing software to familiarize students with technical and business writing. Other areas that an associate's degree explores are graphic and web design techniques. Continuing education at the bachelor's degree level gives students the opportunity to specialize in a particular area.

The technical aspects of these areas are examined as students learn the mechanics of writing at the bachelor's degree level. A solid foundation is obtained as student's study computer-based and scientific communication. Internet, science, print media, and medical writing styles are concentrations available to students. Education will branch out into specializations after students learn key areas of the field. General coursework develops skills in areas related to management systems, websites, and the latest used technologies. Bachelors degree programs online offer students a wide knowledge base in reproducing multimedia documents and website based user guides. Continuing education gives students advanced training in technical communication.

The highest level of education is obtainable at the master's degree level. Students should expect to complete upper division courses in areas such as editing and documentation. With more concentrated areas available for study students will have the opportunity to learn about radio, television, and government. Students that complete a degree program at this level enter the field an expert.

Through common courses taken at all levels students have a variety of careers to choose from. Business grammar, Internet writing, science writing, rhetorical theory, and technical design are some general courses students take within a degree program. Educational programs provide students the ability to enter careers as:

  • Technical Writers
  • Designers
  • Grant Writers
  • Independent Consultants

Learning how to correctly translate complex and jargon-based documents into readable text is a skill that can be utilized in a variety of industries. Completing an accredited technical writing degree program is the first step to obtaining a rewarding career. Fully accredited programs can offer the best quality education available. Agencies like the Distance Education and Training Council ( ) are approved to provide full accreditation to schools and colleges that meet all requirements.

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Online Technical Writing Degree Programs

Sitting down to read a training manual or a service report from a large business may not make one bit of sense to consumers. The ability for a person to read a report in understandable terms is a high priority for businesses and other organizations. The skills to take advanced technical language and translate it into an easy to read format can be gained through online schools. Students interested in this type of work can enter degree programs in technical writing.

Technical writing is the process of making hard to understand manuals, documents, and reports easy to read by making the subject matter understandable. Businesses and organizations strive to meet their customers where they're at to promote a higher quality of service. This type of writing can be completed for:

  • medical facilities
  • government agencies
  • universities

Students have a wide range of opportunities to choose from when deciding on a degree program. Online programs are available to students that have access to the Internet and computer software. This is important because online programs use these things to communicate with students about homework. It also teaches students how to use the software programs they will use inside the profession.

Online technical writing programs are devoted to showing students how to transcribe complicated topics into layman's terms. Students that are seeking to fulfill the requirements to gain a degree can find numerous colleges that offer programs. Programs can be entered at the:

  • Associate level
  • Bachelor level
  • Master level

These options provide students with the chance to gain a degree at the level that corresponds with their career goals. Education focuses on areas that include electronic document design, editing, and technique.

When students enter an online associate's degree they dive immediately into instruction on writing, editing, and formatting technical documents. Study teaches the ability to speak with both technical and non-technical individuals about industry topics. This is then applied to translating information and promoting the material towards the correct audience. Material focuses on working with all different types of information documents like:

  • press releases
  • manuals
  • articles

Technical editing, Internet writing, grammar, and research are some of the online courses that are completed while studying for an associate's degree.

Students dive into strategy and design within an online bachelor's degree program for technical and computer communications. Study advances to incorporate writing for proposals and grants. Students should expect to develop the capacity to manage a system and write for professionals. Skills are obtained to work with subject matter experts to produce a highly correct piece of writing. Continuing education to earn a master's degree continues to focus strongly on writing for areas like science, government, and technology. Courses could include:

  • technical design
  • website writing
  • theory
  • editing style

Students can expect to enter this field with the ability to work as writers, editors, and coordinators.

Online schooling is a very proficient way of earning a technical writing degree and entering a career. An accredited degree program can be completely done online allowing students to make the most of their time while still working at their current place of employment. Accrediting agencies like the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) can provide full accreditation to various programs. Accreditation is a schools proof that students will receive the training they need. Start a career in technical writing by enrolling today.

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Technical Writing Job - The Means to Generate Longterm Passive Income

This article will list 4 advantages and 2 disadvantages behind affiliate marketing, specifically article marketing, and why it is a reasonable way to generate passive income as a technical writer. After finishing this article you should be able to decide whether a technical writing job in affiliate marketing sounds reasonable to you.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part I]

Why a technical writer should consider article marketing

As a technical writer you are already highly skilled in producing instruction-type articles for your reader. Why not combine this skill with the potential of the Internet? There are literally millions of information hungry surfers looking for instructive how-to manuals out there. A technical writer can use his well-honed authorship skills to produce this kind of material, thus generating a passive stream of long-term income.

Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages behind a technical writing job in article marketing. These will be explained later.


  • Wide exposure and the possibility of gaining a fellowship.
  • A long term passive income stream.
  • Establishing authority with the possibility of being picked up by a publisher.
  • Consistent effort is a must before the sales will start to roll in.
  • A (no too steep) learning curve is present.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part II]

Wide exposure...

The first advantage behind applying your technical writing skills to this line of work lies in gaining wide exposure and a possible fellowship. There are many poorly written how-to, instructional manuals out there, a technical writer's professional touch will serve as a refreshing change.

When submitting to an article directory you must agree to an authorship contract, while (depending on the directory of your choice) you might loose the rights to your article, your work will still bare your name and will remain credited to you, allowing you to claim it as your own and thus opening the possibility to a fellowship.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part III]

A long term passive income...

You can generate a long term passive income by offering your expertise on a particular niche. Whatever it is you are knowledgeable about, there is always a market for it. Just ask Google or search around some forums that might interest you and notice the amount of questions being asked. These are the potential topics of your next technical writing job.

You will be able to generate this passive income stream by writing a professionally crafted, instructional article, offering your advice to those who need it, later directing them to a relevant informational (or any other) product of your choice.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part IV]

Establish authority...

A sure way to land a technical writing job and to be picked up by a publisher is to gain exposure thorough article writing. Your article will not only receive free search engine traffic but will also gain a chunk of traffic through blog and RSS syndication, once it becomes available at the article directory of your choice.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part IV]

Consistent effort...

The only real drawback with article marketing is the essential need for consistent effort. One should view article marketing as a long term investment. Payments will be received and will become more and more frequent the longer you stay in the "game" and the more articles you submit to your article directory.

Financial benefits behind article marketing will manifest themselves after a couple of months (2-3 months in general), till then you will have to find another source of income while keeping the writing and submission process active.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part V]

The learning curve...

Being a technical writer, you are already ahead of most who embark on this career path. While this is certainly a benefit, you must consider educating yourself in the ways of internet marketing and research. A successful article marketer is able to identify his competition, research general keywords, optimize his articles for Google ranking and so on. This education is essential to a successful technical writing career in affiliate marketing.

Technical writing job; the means to generate long-term passive income [part VI]


In this article you have learned that:

  • A technical writing job in internet marketing can establish a consistent flow of passive income.
  • It can gain you a fellowship and a potential publishing contract through wide exposure.
  • It requires consistent effort from your side before you can harvest the fruits of your labor.
  • You must educate yourself prior to reaping the benefits.